Wednesday, March 30, 2011

'Old' Indian Coins

1945 1 Pice coin
1944 1 Anna coin
Both coins from India....seems to be a month for odd coins...:)


  1. You always have such awsome finds! How would you rate your AT Pro? Much different to the Ace? Im trying to decide to get a pro pointer ( speed recovery), get a bigger coil for my f2 ( go deeper ) or get another detector.

  2. Hi....Just lucky with some of the finds :)
    Now that I've figured it out I quite like the ATPro....It eliminates digging a lot of trash for sure......It is quite good on Silver(It's supposed to be hot on Gold as well ....can't comment on that though)A good CoinShooter as well.
    As for the ProPointer...a bit pricey but built to last and worth it in my opinion.