Thursday, May 3, 2012

...And some more Silver from GCF

After yesterday I thought I had to go back and try the same methods/settings
Came away with some more spendable money and a nice pendant

This is a nice size pendant(same size as $2 coin)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

GCF produces more Silver

I have not been out in a while so I decided to go out to GCF  for the umpteenth time this morning
I went for some deep detecting,digging all those iffy signals and it turns out it wasn't for nought :)

I am convinced there will be some gold jewellery there as well but as of yet I have just been doing the
higher conductivity stuff as there must be a kazillion pulltab signals there and I have to motivate
myself to go and dig them all to find the possible rings hidden amongst it

A nice chunk of .925 Silver

A lot of junky stuff as I was digging everything above my selected VDI