Monday, July 22, 2013

Ventured out in the fog today and scored 3 Golds

I have not been out at all since my last post,been struggling with a baaad flu.
Finally felt better today and decided to venture out in the water.The fog made it really cool as it was so thick that I could not even see the beach while out in the water.
Water temp is bloody freezing now,but it was worthwhile :)

A nice 9ct bracelet from MHJ

A very unique 14k spinner ring

And another odd 9ct ring


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Another 3 Gold Ring Hunt :)))

Two trips with one Silver and a thin wire ring(might be gold)
Went out today,2hrs in the water and another triple gold ring hunt

Nice green stone,well mounted..will have it checked..seems bit light in colour for an emerald
HH :-)

Monday, June 17, 2013

WoW Yet Another Triple Gold Ring Morning

Seems the saying Fortune Favours The Brave mite be true after all :-)
Or maybe my previous story about the Gold Fairy has some truth to it...nah

I went out into the water just after 6am this morning(still complete darkness) and was fortunate enough to come away with 3 more gold rings

One is a 10k and the other two I can not make out the stamps


Sunday, June 16, 2013

Ring returned to owner after being lost for 3 years

Met up with the couple mentioned in my previous post was his wedding band after all.
Turns out I found it in pretty much the exact spot in the water where he lost it 3 years ago.
A happy day for them and me being able to put a smile on their faces

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Another triple gold ring day

I had one unsuccessful hunt with nothing worthwhile posting and then on Monday I went to a spot to go and try out my new wetsuit and it turned out to be a great hour in the water.
Three Gold rings...very happy :)

This last ring might have a bit of a story to it...I have been to this spot before and while there was approached by a young lady who told me that her husband had lost his wedding ring there about three years ago while diving(after only being married for a month)...She gave me a description of the ring and also emailed me a pic of what it looked like...and would you know it,less than a month later it pops up in my scoop in the water.I will contact her later in the week and post the results afterwards :)

Monday, June 3, 2013

Winter Detecting Recipe : Cold + Sea + Perseverance = Gold & Silver & :))

Hit the water once again early morning 8h15-10h45...Outside Temp 12 Degree Celsius
It is getting pretty cold out there....might have to invest in a thicker wetsuit than a 3/2
My efforts were rewarded though with some interesting finds

Three Silvers Some Junk Jewellery and one Gold

Friday, May 31, 2013

Found what appears to be a very popular fishing spot

Spent a few hours in the water yesterday
Untold amount of Sinkers and one big Silver ring
I suppose the value of the lead was just about more than the Silver lol

Silver is from MHJ

Can anyone help with this item
Looks to be gold painted lead
Measures 9cmx2cm and weighs about 22g
I would guess it has to be same era as the old lead toys maybe

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Nothing like a bit of Gold to cure the Monday Blues

I had 3 trips with no significant finds since my last post.... and I was beginning to think the Gold Fairy had deserted me.
So I tried a new spot on Monday and spent about 4hrs in the water
Dug about 200 targets of which just about half were pulltabs :((
Two goldies and a Silver made it worthwhile in the end
The shell casing is a .303 from 1942

And the goodies

Silver and a Junker
I have not zapped the Silver one,so the Junk looking one is .925 and the Silver one is Junk :-)


Thursday, May 16, 2013

Tried a New Area Today

Thought I would go try somewhere else today
No gold,but 5 rings for the day
3 Silver and the ugliest junk ring I have come across
The Silvers

I found a few of these bullets as well
Seems to be a fairly large caliber
Anybody have any guesses or know what caliber
The short one looks like a 9mm to me?
Here's a close up pic of the larger ones
They are not lead...


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

You got to love Water Detecting

Went into the water this afternoon
Weather was not overly great....a chill in the air,which meant that I was the only one in the water
Peace and solitude...and no annoying questions like"What are you looking for" :)
Scored a nice 9ct bracelet and some junk jewellery
The Harley Davidson ring would have been great if it was precious metal...weighs over 12g

Sunday, May 12, 2013

1920's Lighter from the beach

Just went for a dry sand hunt as I badly sprained my ankle a few days ago and are actually supposed to be resting it.
Ended up searching by some rocky cliffs and started finding some old stuff

From what I can gather it is a Lift Arm Petrol Lighter from1920s-1930s
Missing a few bits and pieces unfortunately

This is why I should not really be walking around :)


Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Nice couple of hours in the water for 3 Gold and 1 Silver

Went back to the same Beach where the last gold rings came from
Beautiful day out there in the water
Maybe 2 hours in the water for a few Junk rings,one Silver and three nice 9ct Rings

This one has the tiniest of Diamond Chips in it

Was calling it a day and made my way back to shore when maybe 2meters from the dry I got a signal
that sounded too good not to dig and what do you know...out pops this Rose Gold band.


Saturday, May 4, 2013

First detect back in Auckland produces some Gold and Silver

I went for a short holiday up to Doubtless Bay area ...I took the detectors with in the hope of finding some old stuff.
Sadly the Beaches were beautiful but bottomless sand as well.
Had a great holiday though

Back In Auckland-Went for a night detect last night at the low and was pleasantly surprised with some goodies

Verdict is still out on this bracelet
It tarnished like Silver and cleaned up likewise
I can not find any stamp on it though and you would think for the amount of detail put into it there would be some stamp somewhere

A nice Silver ring

Yellow gold band with white gold inlay

A pretty dainty 9ct signet ring

The other two rings on the main pic were junkers