Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Another triple gold ring day

I had one unsuccessful hunt with nothing worthwhile posting and then on Monday I went to a spot to go and try out my new wetsuit and it turned out to be a great hour in the water.
Three Gold rings...very happy :)

This last ring might have a bit of a story to it...I have been to this spot before and while there was approached by a young lady who told me that her husband had lost his wedding ring there about three years ago while diving(after only being married for a month)...She gave me a description of the ring and also emailed me a pic of what it looked like...and would you know it,less than a month later it pops up in my scoop in the water.I will contact her later in the week and post the results afterwards :)


  1. Nice finds.
    I look forward to chapter 2 .


  2. wow - where about(not exactly) are you hunting - I never had much luck with CHCH beaches..

    1. Hi John.I am in the Auckland area...I do water detecting mainly now.HH:)

  3. Great going! I'm green with envy - haven't yet managed 3 in one hunt. Its great that one is a potential return as well.

  4. Well Done Bro, good Reward awaits! if they are still togather,than the initial wedding ring will be priceless for them!
    unless they are cheap people.. :-(

  5. What a day... or hour. I was feeling pretty good about finding 3 gold rings this year and you do it in one hour, very nice!