Monday, March 25, 2013

Some Finds for the last 6 outings

I vanished for a while and have not detected for almost half a year....
Got my life sorted and back into it full steam again

So far the strike rate for the ever so elusive gold has not been bad....3 golds in the 6 trips

First trip out was a night detect at Waiake Bay and came away with this 9ct signet ring

Gold no.2 Came from the water at Taka with Max...a small but realtively heavy(5-6g) 22ct signet ring

And no.3 was this morning from Cheltenham....a dainty plain band(from the colour I would gues maybe 14ct
Thanks Chris for leaving that behind :))...I see on your blog you were there yesterday....I will be in touch with you sometime soon....need to get a spare battery for my Excal
And the two ugly Silvers deserves a pic I suppose