Friday, May 31, 2013

Found what appears to be a very popular fishing spot

Spent a few hours in the water yesterday
Untold amount of Sinkers and one big Silver ring
I suppose the value of the lead was just about more than the Silver lol

Silver is from MHJ

Can anyone help with this item
Looks to be gold painted lead
Measures 9cmx2cm and weighs about 22g
I would guess it has to be same era as the old lead toys maybe

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Nothing like a bit of Gold to cure the Monday Blues

I had 3 trips with no significant finds since my last post.... and I was beginning to think the Gold Fairy had deserted me.
So I tried a new spot on Monday and spent about 4hrs in the water
Dug about 200 targets of which just about half were pulltabs :((
Two goldies and a Silver made it worthwhile in the end
The shell casing is a .303 from 1942

And the goodies

Silver and a Junker
I have not zapped the Silver one,so the Junk looking one is .925 and the Silver one is Junk :-)