Saturday, January 1, 2011

Some of the Coin Finds

1935 3p
Very collectible but also very bad condition :(

A few random hunts

An Old Chubb key 20s/30s

A 1939 Southern Rhodesian Penny.....wonder how that ended up here....

Some more Digs

Our Oldest Coin yet....very good condition,just a bit dirty still
                       1879 Victoria UK Penny

Some of the Bling Discoveries

Looks like ArtDeco 20s/30s Sterling Silver

Nice Chunky 14k Gold Band

A BiG CZ stone :(

An Old 9kt Gold Band

Thought this was not real....but.....

Turns out it is a +- .75ct diamond set in 18kt Gold  :):):)

Some of the Military Finds

Some Enfield .577 Minie bullets from the Land Wars