Friday, May 31, 2013

Found what appears to be a very popular fishing spot

Spent a few hours in the water yesterday
Untold amount of Sinkers and one big Silver ring
I suppose the value of the lead was just about more than the Silver lol

Silver is from MHJ

Can anyone help with this item
Looks to be gold painted lead
Measures 9cmx2cm and weighs about 22g
I would guess it has to be same era as the old lead toys maybe


  1. Nice lead. Must have weighed you down a bit.
    The gold thing is a hair clip missing the clip I think.

    1. Hi Chris...That is what I thought it might be as well....Was wondering about the age....I assume it would have been quite some time ago for it to be made out of solid lead?

    2. Yes I think that is probably right as lead has been discontinued in toys etc for some years now. Lead solders were about when I was very young and that's a damn long time ago now. So perhaps late 40's for the clip.

  2. Bet it got your heart racing though - Vdi and colour being correct for gold!

    Would a hair clip be made from lead? I would have thought it would be too heavy to be practical. Maybe a broach instead?

    1. Yes,it would have if it wasn't so encrusted when it came out of the water.Took quite a bit of electrolysis to get it this clean(Says a lot for the paint that it did not get damaged at all).......Broach is a big possibility as well as it is on the heavy side.