Friday, March 9, 2012

Awesome morning......

Broken Watches and a Crossbow Arrow Hmmm???

Some pennies and a Aussie Half and Chinese Tokens?

3 Silver rings and a Silver Earring
Nice Stones in this one :)

Happy Hunting All :)

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Fake Bling,Pirate Ring:) WWII Bullets and more

Hi all

Have been a bit lazy with my posts.
Coins were as per usual...Pennies,maybe six Silvers,Spendable Goldies and a KAZILLION 1c and 2c pieces
Here are some of the more interesting finds since my last post.

Junk Rings and fake bling :(

Found some more .50Cal BMG Bullets and what would have been a huge key

A very nice and quite heavy Triton Tungsten TC850 Ring

A collection of Sterling Silver Rings

The stone on the left appears to be  a Sapphire
The Skull ring seems quite took heaps of cleaning techniques to get it Silver again....must have been in the sand&surf for a loooong time

The mens ring has a GreenStone in it
Must have been a pretty big fella that lost this 'cause it is huge

Happy Hunting all :)